Internships, how long do they last?

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Internships have grown to be a significant portion of the graduate jobs market over recent years. Recent graduates are finding that they need to have experience to accompany their educational qualifications. Internships are the easiest way for someone to pick up experience. An internship is now a valid and effective route to gaining experience and, therefore, securing a full time position.

With internships being a new thing their quality and length can fluctuate. Therefore, it is important to acquire the maximum amount of
information regarding the internship position at the earliest opportunity. Finding the appropriate company before beginning an internship is essential.Here is a single inquiry you might want to ask the business just before you start:


  • How long should an internship be? Any internship ought to be time limited. An open ended internship is basically a full time
    position. If your position is to be voluntary or only covers your expenses then any position more than 3 months is of an unfair length.



When you have begun an internship you will find lots of steps you can take to ensure the practical experience will be beneficial,
helping you on your way to full time employment. The following is a single tip to help you carry out a effective internship:

  •  Reject unpaid internship extensions. When you enter the last part of your internship the company you are working out will decide whether to offer you a full time position. If they inform you that they need to retain your services yet can’t afford them then exercise caution when extending your position. Unprincipled businesses may want to take unfair advantage of this.  Following a 3 month internship a business should have the information to recognise your hard work. If they don’t offer you a paid position it is wise to walk away.

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