Interviewers use lie detectors test in job interviews

Interviewers use lie detectors test in job interviews


With advancements in technology, we are now seeing a shift in the job interview with more interviewers investing in equipment to   find the interview fakes and liars. On average large organisations spend around 40% of their profits on recruitment, often due to rehiring and re-interviewing due to an initial poor choice of candidates.

Can you cheat the Interview?

A lie detector machine can indicate when an interviewee has lied due to sensors picking up slight changes in a person’s breathing rate, pulse, blood pressure and perspiration. The days of lying to the interviewer, to cheat your way into a new position are fading. Employers want to recruit the best and a lie detector can assist employers to make the correct choice.

If you can’t lie to the interviewer, hypnotise them.

 Why cheat and lie, when you can hypnotise the interviewer to offer you a job? Interviewers think they have the upper hand, and this is what a good interviewee wants the employer to believe – this way we can secretly influence, manipulate and persuade the employer to offer you a job without the interviewer knowing what you are doing.

Influencing the interview.

Conversational hypnosis has been created to hypnotise the interviewer through conversation using embedded commands, re-frames, negative commands, yes sets, sales psychology and hypnotic language. All of these techniques, many of which employers would be furious about if they found out how interviewers were using them during the job interview, come from the dark side of persuasion. The new book Influencing the interview has taken the best from psychology, nlp and hypnotic persuasion and made it relevant to the job interview – giving you the interviewee the power. Competition for jobs is at an all time high, candidates have to stand out during the job interview, you need to go above and beyond the old style interview skills used in the 1990’s to win job offer during the hard and competitive times in a recession.

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  1. Would you ever want a job that badly that you’d want to lie about it? It would be absolutely no fun working somewhere where you weren’t appreciated or wanted at all! I’d rather be unsuccessful.

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