Night Out With Boss Gets You Sacked

Night Out With Boss Gets You Sacked


Getting drunk with your boss always seems a good idea, but never is. The obvious reason is that you might make a fool out of yourself, even to go as far as being sick on your bosses shoes. But that isn’t the reason why every employee should stay away from a night on the town with your boss.



The really reason is your boss might make a fool out of themselves, now i’m not talking about getting to drunk and dancing like a fool. I’m talking about darker secrets. Your boss may let on to his S&M fantasies or they might even go as far to cheating on their partner (this could even be the co-managing director) the problem here is, now you the low level employee have dirt on your boss, they might think you know to much or that you might blackmail them for a pay rise. And every employer knows the quickest way to shut you up is to get rid of you. that’s right your night out with the boss could get you fired even if you remained sober


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