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Very often it comes out of the blue, delivered coldly in what appears to be a heartless manner and of course it is a big shock. This horror called Redundancy can leave you feeling hopeless that you have let everybody down and you have no idea what to do next.

What can you do, many thousands have been given this challenge in 2010/11 and yet unbelievably Redundancy can be a god send. You will remember the bird that was kicked out of the nest and then he flew. There is great opportunity in Redundancy for those who can grasp it, like a career change, do what you always wanted to do and that is to work for yourself, never let Redundancy happen to you again. There are many good opportunities for you now you have choice, your life can change greatly if you start your own business. Franchising is a good way to do this, why franchising you might ask . Let us take a look, 

  • You get a business that is tried and tested
  • The business expertise of the Franchisor who has achieved it all
  • Training on-going. And it has to be
  • The secure knowledge you will not be on your own.
  • Franchising reduces the risk involved in business.
  • You do not have to convince the bank your idea is workable.
  • The Business Model  and Manuals


Remember whatever you choose to do, be real sure you like it, work is not hard when you like what you do and the hours are not long and of you will love your Job and maybe  for the first time, so good luck at whatever you do

Frank McCarthy                                                

Mr Handymanfranchise                                                                                


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