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One of the biggest factors when choosing a career is the salary, as your salary can often determine your life style. In reality you should find a career that matches your personality type, as you will enjoy this line of work and if you enjoy your job you will tend to quickly gain career promotions and a larger salary.

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Employment King has put together a list of common careers and their salary; this is just an estimate as salaries change depending on the area you work in. Being a trainee, your experience or a level of management also affects the salary you will receive, as does the company you work for.

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The list is to be used as a guide, if you work in career and you don’t not earn the salary we have stated, you may want to look at other job opportunities in your sectors to see if you are being under paid for your role, unless you are happy in job or staying at the company long term out ways the disadvantages of being on a low wage now.

Job title                                                    Average UK Wage 

Accountant                                                  £32,000-£38,000

Administrator                                             £17,000-££19,000

Analyst                                                           £32,000-£38,000

Architect                                                       £35,000-£40,000

Barrister                                                        £40,000-£50,000

Business Analyst                                        £35,000-£38,000

Careers advisor                                           £22,000-£28,000

Car/Van delivery driver                          £15,000-£19,000

Dentist                                                             £57,000-£75,000

Design engineer                                           £26,000-£30,000

Designer                                                         £25,000-£30,000

Developer                                                     £34,000-£39,000

Doctor                                                             £50,000-£55,000

Electrician                                                      £25,000-£33,000

Engineer                                                          £30,000-£38,000

Financial controller                                   £40,000-£48,000

GP                                                                      £62,000-£70,000

Graduate                                                          £25,000-£27,000

Graphic designer                                         £20,000-£25,000

HR                                                                      £24,000-£32,000

Lawyer                                                             £45,000-£52,000

Lecturer                                                          £30,000-£35,000

Nurse                                                                £24,000-£28,000

Personal assistant                                       £22,000-£28,000

Pharmacist                                                      £35,000-£40,000

Pilot                                                                     £50,000-£80,000

Quantity surveyor                                         £30,000-£32,000

Receptionist                                                    £15,000-£18,000

Recruitment consultant                             £22,000-£28,000

Researcher                                                      £28,000-£32,000

Sales assistant                                                 £15,000-£18,000

Sales executive                                               £28,000-£32,000

Secretary                                                           £19,000-£28,000

Software developer                                       £34,000-£38,000

Software Engineer                                          £32,000-£34,000

Solicitor                                                              £40,000-£70,000

Teacher                                                                £34,000-£45,000

Teaching assistant                                           £17,000-£21,000

Technician                                                           £26,000-£26,000

Wed Designer                                                     £22,000-£26,000

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