When the Promising Job Interview Turns Up Empty – You Can Still Win! Interview Tips and Strategy

When the Promising Job Interview Turns Up Empty – You Can Still Win! Interview Tips and Strategy



How to Triumph Even When It Looks Like You’ve Lost The Job.

If I asked you how many frustrating hours or even weeks you’ve spent in search of a job, you would probably tell me it’s been more than you’d like to think about. With so much competition in the marketplace and so many people searching for a new position, it isn’t uncommon to spend days on end searching for the right job and often coming up empty. Yet, you continue to scour the job sites on the Internet, network with friends and associates and respond to ads in the newspaper, often without even getting a nibble.

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The Ideal Job

Then, one day, quite unexpectedly, you come upon an opportunity that you know is right for you and you can hardly wait to sink your teeth into it. It’s almost as if the job was created just for you, especially since all your experience and credentials fit so perfectly. And when you submit your resume, you are confident that you’re going to get called in for an interview. Lo and behold, a few days later the human resource department calls to invite you for an appointment to interview for the job.

A Promising Job Interview

Now, you’re really excited and so you start your interview preparation by researching the company’s background. You get out your best attire and polish up your interviewing skills. You’re positive that you’re ready and prepared to dazzle the interviewer with your skills, convinced that the job is going to be yours. Once at the company’s office, although you spend quite a long time waiting to be seen, as the interviewing process gets underway, all goes well. You’re even called in by two or three different people who are conducting separate interviews. The whole process seems promising, especially since they’ve been passing you along to meet with other human resource people.

After the Job Interview

Unfortunately, when the interviewing process is over and you return home, you discover that someone else was offered the job. Disappointed by the outcome, your only consolation is that you knew you were close! But, what do you do now? Most people would just drop that particular opportunity and move on to something else. Yet, in my professional opinion, that’s the last thing you should do. Before you think of the investment of your time as wasted, and before moving on to another opportunity, I would suggest a different interview strategy approach, one that I’ve seen work countless times. Odd as it may sound, I would recommend not giving up just yet.


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You Can Win Even When You Lose

Right about now, you might be thinking to yourself why would I suggest that you give that job interview another thought, especially when you weren’t chosen? Let me explain my reasoning. If you asked most hiring managers what happens after they’ve made a job offer, you would be surprised to discover that during the hiring process a lot transpires before the person is actually hired. Very often, after filling out applications, going through the salary negotiations, background checks and a review of references, things change and the original candidate doesn’t get the job. For example, some candidates have another offer and they might accept it rather than taking the one you wanted. At other times a candidate could possibly have a skeleton in the closet that comes out during the discovery process. Some even have poor background checks and/or reveal bad references. Others might want more money than the company is willing to offer and so salary negotiations fall apart. Just when you think the opportunity has passed you by, you actually might have a second chance.

Staying in Contact

Because of all these variables, I would highly recommend that you continue to stay in contact with the decision maker at the company even though you have been rejected. It takes so little to invest 5 or 10 minutes in creating some follow-up e-mail messages or sending a regular letter in the mail stating your continued interest in the company. Your job strategy is simply to convey to the hiring manager that even though you were not selected, you are still interested in the company. You would be astonished at the impression you make on someone when you follow-up with that kind of attitude.

What To State in Your Letter

o State in your letter that you were extremely interested in the company and the possibility of working as a team member was very appealing to you.

o State that your background can positively impact the bottom-line of the company if you were given the chance to work for the company.

o State that you would like to stay in touch for other opportunities in the future, particularly because of your sincere interest in the organization.

Making sure to convey this type of message covers you in two different ways. The first explains to the company that you’re available if the selected candidate drops out. The second is that if another job opportunity comes up in the future, you’ve let the company know that you’d be interested. The result of this small effort can yield many benefits that may very well surprise you. I say that without hesitation because as a hiring manager for over 25 years, I have actually hired the Number 2 candidate many times or referred candidates to other managers that I network with who are eager to fill similar positions. It is for that reason, that I highly recommend never missing an opportunity to make one more great impression.

Remember, interviewing requires a sales strategy, and when it comes to selling yourself, you need to cover all the possibilities to land a great job. Don’t let your ego get in the way because you were rejected and don’t be too quick to burn bridges. Very often there’s a gift at the end of a disappointment and one that could very likely change your life.

John Giaquinta, author of “Change Everything With your Winning Interview Strategy,” has worked in the corporate world for over 30 years, generating over $1 billion dollars in revenue. His expertise in organizational management has maximized staff accountability and results, set performance standards, and developed training programs and opportunities for start-ups or turnaround organizations. John has hired hundreds of people in both sales and operations positions for several Fortune 1000 companies. He can be reached by contacting him by e-mail at john@nationalsalescenter.com You can also visit his web site at http://www.nationalsalescenter.com Copyright 2008

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