Workplace Extrovert Good or Bad?

Workplace Extrovert Good or Bad?


In every workplace there is always one extrovert, but is having a workplace extrovert good or bad? Leave your comments below.

workpalce extrovert

Good Extrovert – the extrovert always has a story to tell, a quip to share and an ideas to discuss. The Monday morning blues are lightened when the extrovert arrives, their happy chatter can go along way when you need a break. The extrovert will say whatever is on their head, in team meetings they will ask the question that you have wanting to ask for the last twenty minutes, the extrovert will start the group discussions in team exercises, and the extrovert shares their thoughts on new innovative ideas. The extrovert can bring a new energy to a team, they can boost morale and the extrovert can be the one person you can turn to when you need a workplace boost.


Bad Extrovert –  the extrovert will often interrupt your work, with no thought to your forthcoming deadline, they will join in conversations even when uninvited, and they will share their thoughts and ideas when they’re not required.  The Extroverts negative side comes out, when on a late Friday afternoon, you are halfway through a series of task, your concentration is complete and then the singing extrovert enters, singing, chatting and discussing any old thing that pops in to his mind. The extrovert can eat away at your free time, as the team meeting ends, the extrovert will have a hundred questions to ask when all you want to do is go home. The extrovert can interrupt, annoy and share unwanted thoughts with whoever is in listening range.


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2 thoughts on “Workplace Extrovert Good or Bad?

  1. Being an extrovert is not good or bad – it is what it is and has upsides and downsides not moral judgements. (can you guess I’m an extrovert?) W hat would be really helpful would be to give people techniques to deal with the downsides of having extroverts around.

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