10 Steel Erector Job Interview Questions

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 10 Steel Erector Job Interview Questions


In the construction sector your work ethic is a key as your experience  and qualifications


As a steel erector you need to show the interviewer that you are passionate about working outdoors (in all weathers)  that you have a good head for heights and how you are motivated by seeing a job completed.


You need to answer the job interview questions by stating how you possess excellent practical skills, that you can work as part of a team, and your vast experience in assembling steel sections and girders that make up the framework of buildings and engineering structures like bridges and tunnels.


These following job interview questions for a steel erector job interview will help you prepare for your next steel erector job interview


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Steel Erector Job Interview Question 1 Please start by explaining your career as a steel erector?


Steel Erector Job Interview Question  2 why do you want to specialize as a steel erector?


 Steel Erector Job Interview Question 3 how do you approach the task of lifting and guiding components into position with tower cranes


Steel Erector Job Interview Question  4 what is important to consider when you line up and level steelwork before bolting or welding it in place



Steel Erector Job Interview Question  5 give an example of  when you have layed down metal decking, and fixing safety netting and edge rails as you build up the structure?


Steel Erector Job Interview Question 6 how would you identity potential hazards?


Steel Erector Job Interview Question  7 explain your understanding of regulatory guidelines?



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Steel Erector Job Interview Question 8 give an example of when you followed engineering instructions and plans and the outcome to this?


Steel Erector Job Interview Question 9 How do you handle working at heights?


Steel Erector Job Interview Question 10 what questions do you have for us?


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