5 Job Interview Questions to Prepare for 2018

5 Job Interview Questions to Prepare for 2018


The new year is looming and job hunters are getting ready for fresh new jobs available in 2018


Employers in 2018 are looking for a new set of skills from their applicants. How does this effect the job interview? It means that employers will be asking a new set of interview questions in 2018


Below you can also access 101 Interview Questions and techniques to Influence the Job Interview. Good luck with your next job interview.


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Interview Question 1 – give me an example of critical thinking?


Critical thinking is one of the most desired skills in 2018. Employers recruiting in 2018 for high skilled positions will require an element of critical thinking in their roles. be prepared to answer this question by stating the situation, your approach to critical thinking and the outcome from the situation






Interview Question 2 – how will you beat global competition?


The world in 2018 is becoming smaller with competition for goods and services being on a global basis.

In 2018 job hunters will need to understand the wider competition and have strategies ready available to combat this competition. When asked about beating global competition, you need to answer with a 3 step strategy. Each step needs to build on the last and show a well thought out plan for this situation.


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Interview Question 3 – are you creative?  

In the list of employer desired skills, creativity and innovation, climb the ladder year on year.


You may be asked about your creativity directly or indirectly. But be sure to mention, at some point throughout the job interview, that you possess the ability to think out of the box, to create new ideas, give examples of your light-bulb moments, explain your suggestions that have made a key difference in your previous organisations and state your creativity processes



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