8 Job Interview Questions for an Airport Information Officer

8 Job Interview Questions for an Airport Information Officer


With airports increasing in size and more people wanting to spend more time abroad no wonder there are more airport information officer jobs around then ever before. In this line of work you expected salary is between £16-£30k

Employers are looking for employees with a range of skills from communication and customer service skills to diplomacy and IT skills – these skills will be analysed during the job interview, with many employers having a split interview – stage 1 a group exercise and stage 2 a panel job interview

The key to passing job interviews in preparation and practice, this sounds obvious but is often overlooked, with the average interviewee spending around only 60 minutes preparing for their job interview.

This article will help you to prepare and to pass your next job interview in 3 separate ways. 1. You will learn over 10 common asked interview questions for your job position. 2. You will be given an explanation of the type of answer the interviewer is looking for ( a guide to what the employer wants you to discuss ) 3. You will be given an example job interview answer for each individual interview question, allowing you to tweak this answer, making it relevant to your own experiences.


Below you can also access 101 Interview Questions and techniques to Influence the Job Interview. Good luck with your next job interview.


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Job Interview Questions for an Airport Information Officer


Job Interview Question 1: 


“Tell me about your experience as an airport information officer?”


At the beginning of all airport information officer job interviews you will be asked to explain your experience in this industry. For those of you who are job hopping you need to give an answer discussing your administration and customer service skills.


Summarise your experience and have a focus on the key skills required for this position;


  • customer service skills
  • strong written and spoken communication skills
  • the ability to solve problems
  • the ability to deal tactfully with upset or angry passengers
  • IT skills



Job Interview Question 2: 


“How do you handle difficult customers?”


For situational job interview questions, answer using a real life story or example

  • state the situation – why the customer was angry/difficult 
  • explain how you remain calm and how this calmed down the customer
  • discuss what you did to support the customer while following processes and procedure 
  • explain the outcome of the situation *ensure this is positive 



Job Interview Question 3: 


“What do you need to think about when updating customer details?”


Explain a couple of different aspects of data collection.

1; explaining to the customer why you are collecting their data – this will be a new EU law from 2018.

2; double checking the updates are correct

3; ensuring the customer is who they say there are- explain how you check passports and boarding passes

4; not falling for cons – answering customer queries about personal data

5; checking destination, seat number, add-on’s etc



Job Interview Question 4: 

“What questions do you need to ask passengers booking in?”


There are key questions you need to ask all passengers, in the job interview you need to show that you have this knowledge. Explain why you will check flight details, seat numbers, passports, luggage and hand-luggage, destination and add-on’s including transfers 


Job Interview Question 5: 

“Give an example of how you have supported customers with disabilities?”

When asked an “give me an example” question you are best to answer this with a story rather then stating what you would do. A story uses emotional based language which increases rapport. When answering a question about supporting customers with disabilities include how you checked what support they required, how you informed the air stewards, how you checked who the disabled passenger is with



Job Interview Question 6: 


“How would you be an asset to us?”


Think again about the job specification and the skills needed for this role. Have a paragraph prepared highlighting how you will be able to do the job and what you can bring to the team. It goes without saying that this paragraph should be positive.





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Job Interview Question 7:


“Do you know anything about this organisation?”


Often one of the first questions you will be asked during the interview, employers want employees who will stay with the company, this question and answer will show the employer that you know the company’s history and feel they will be a good employer to work for.

It also shows the employer that you think ahead and carry out research. Answer this question with:

  • The length the organisation has been operating for.
  • How the company started
  • What services/products the company offers
  • Where they are going (have they won any new contracts)
  • All this information is normally found on the internet; on the company home page or about us page.





Job Interview Question 8:

“Do you have any questions for me?”


Good interview questions to ask interviewers at the end of the job interview include questions on the company growth or expansion, questions on personal development and training and questions on company values, staff retention and company achievements.




Many people are afraid of job interviews. The truth is if you prepare for your job interview, by predicting the job interview questions, you can easily prepare your job interview answers. If your job interview answers highlight your unique selling point, are stated in the positive and are said in a confident manner, then you can influence the job interview to increase job offer.


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