Employer Interview Questions for a Front of House Receptionist

Employer Interview Questions for a Front of House Receptionist

The job interview is designed to ensure that you, the employer, recruits a suitable candidate with the required skills, qualifications and capabilities to meet the role criteria. To achieve this you need to ask the right questions for the position you are applying for – see below.


When interviewing job candidates, it is important to determine their work ethic, temperament, stress indicators and if they possess the required skills and knowledge essential for the desired position. The interview should be set into 5 key sections:


  • One. Introduce you the interviewer, the company and the role. Many candidates will be applying for several roles and you want to retain the bets interviewee. Discussing the company values, ethics and goals can be highly influential in the candidate’s discussion when choosing an employer to work for.
  • Two. Discuss the interview set up, explaining the interview process. Give details of potential exercises, tests, group work or if you have adopted the panel interview approach.
  • Three. Ask around 10 questions relevant to the role (see below) when required repeat the question or ask the same question in a different way, making it clear to the candidate what the question objective is
  • Four. Allow the candidate to ask questions and encouarge examples
  • Five. Explain the follow up process; how candidates will be informed of interview outcome


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Employer Job Interview Questions for a Front of House Receptionist



      • Job Interview Question 1: What is your customer service experience?


      • Job Interview Question 2: How do you assess the success of a hotel front of house department?


      • Job Interview Question 3: How does the hotel reception contribute to the strategies and goals of the hotel?


    • Job Interview Question 4: What was quality of standard of work/customer service in previous positions


    • Job Interview Question 5: Give an example of welcoming a customer.


    • Job Interview Question 6: Give an example of going above and beyond on behalf of a customer?


Interview questions and answers

      • Job Interview Question 7: How do you recall large amounts of information?




      • Job Interview Question 8: What us key when answering a call from a customer or business associate?



      • Job Interview Question 9: Give an example of successful multi-tasking while working under pressure?



      • Job Interview Question 10: What does customer service mean to you?



      • Job Interview Question 11: How do you manage your day to day duties?



      • Job Interview Question 12: Do you have any questions to ask?


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