Interview Question and Answer If you could, would you retire right now?

Interview Question and Answer “If you could, would you retire right now?”


The job interviewer is keen to recruit an employee who is passionate about the job, not simply just looking for work to gain a salary.  This job interview question “if you could, would you retire right now?” is a sneaky question to check your work ethic.


If you state to the interviewer, that you would retire as soon as possible, the employer knows that you are not committed to the role. Whereas the interviewee who explains how they enjoy the work and how for them the job isn’t just about a salary but is about  doing something you love, the employer is more liekly to recruit you.


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Interview Question If You Could Retire Right Now Would You? Video 


Job Interview Question 

If you could, would you retire right now?

Explanation of the Job Interview Question:

With all interview questions, be honest with your answer if you would say “yes..” then either, follow this up with some details on what you would do, it is good to laugh when answering this question and turn it to a light hearted piece of banter.



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Example Interview Answer

“…as I enjoy work I would either work part time or volunteer…”   or   “but, as I need to work, I want to work in an industry I enjoy, like this one”   See the video above for additional job interview answers.


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