How to Answer the Interview Question What salary are you looking for?

How to Answer the Interview Question “What salary are you looking for?”


Interview questions are asked to uncover a particular skill, quality or experience from the interviewee. The reason why many job applicants fail during the job interview is because they don’t understand what it is the interviewer wants to hear.

In this article we have broke down what the interviewer is looking for in a perfect job interview answer and to help you create the perfect answer we have recorded an example answer



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Interview Question:

What salary are you looking for?

Explanation of the Question:

With most industries the company will advertise the salary on the job advert. If they don’t this could be a loaded question. Answer this question with a question

Interview questions and answers

Example Interview Answer

“Can you tell me what the salary range for this post is?”


If the interviewer insists, give a general answer


“The salary would depend on the job duties, around £??-£??” Give a wide range


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