How to Answer the Job Interview Question How do you approach a project?

How to Answer the Job Interview Question How do you approach a project?


Interview questions are asked to uncover a particular skill, quality or experience from the interviewee. The reason why many job applicants fail during the job interview is because they don’t understand what it is the interviewer wants to hear.

In this article we have broke down what the interviewer is looking for in a perfect job interview answer and to help you create the perfect answer we have recorded an example answer



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Interview Question:

How do you approach a project?

Explanation of the Question:

Common asked question in project management jobs, keep this answer short (it is easy to give a long winded answer to this type of question) and demonstrate how you plan, prepare and approach projects –use an example if possible

Interview questions and answers

Example Interview Answer

“I recently completed a highly valuable project; to start with a look at the outcome of the project and work backwards, I work out what resources I need to complete the project on time and write an action plan to follow adding cost, timings and a contingency plan” 



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