Interview Question and Answer What motivates you to be your best?

Interview Question and Answer “What motivates you to be your best?”


To answer the interview question what motivates you, your first need to think about the job duties required for the position you are applying for. This way you can match your motivation to that of the job. In this article we have broke down what the interviewer is looking for in a perfect job interview answer and to help you create the perfect answer we have recorded an example answer



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Interview Question:

“What motivates you to be your best?”


Explanation of the Question:

If every job paid the same salary, would you still apply for this position? If the answer is yes, why? This is what motivates you. Think about the job you are applying too, what is the end result this company delivers? Does it make something? Help people? Give advice? Sells? If you are motivated by the same thing the company does then you will do well in the company and the interviewer will want to recruit you. Interview questions and answers

Example Interview Answer

“I am always motivated knowing that my job role is making a difference with other people’s lives”

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