Interview Question “had you ever had to fire anyone?”

Interview Question “had you ever had to fire anyone?”



Don’t worry this is only asked for management positions; Firing someone is always serious, when ask this question you need to answer seriously. The employer here is looking if you quickly fire people or support and develop your staff/team.


If you have never fired an employee you should answer this question in a future presence.

  • The key here is to say how you new your member of staff did not have capability to complete the role
  • Explain what steps you took to try and improve the employees skills/job duties
  • And how finally after giving the employee every opportunity to progress you had to let them go


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Interview Video Tutorial “have you ever had to fire anyone?”

Interview Question:

Have you ever had to fire anyone? 



Example Generic Interview Answer 


“In my last management role, one of my team wasn’t meeting her targets. Through appraisals we found her strengths and areas of development and from this wrote out an action plan for us both to follow, including putting the member of staff through some needed training. Over several months we monitored her work and any improvements and continue to have regular meetings with the staff member. After several months we didn’t notice any significant improvements and from this started the grievance procedures, while continuing to monitor the staff member’s performance and following the action plans. In the end we felt we had done all we could to support the member of staff and in the end had to let her go. The member of staff actually agreed this was the best choice and thank us for all the support over the last several months”

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