Job Interview Questions for a Probation Officer

Job Interview Questions for a Probation Officer 



Often out of 300 applicants only 6 candidates will be interviewed. In most interviews, but this varies depending on the job sector and employer, you will be asked around 10 interview questions during a 45 minute interview. To increase your job chances of securing a job offer you will learn the answers to 12 sector job interview questions.

The key to passing job interviews in preparation and practice, this sounds obvious but is often overlooked, with the average interviewee spending around only 60 minutes preparing for their job interview.



This article will help you to prepare and to pass your next job interview in 3 separate ways. 1. You will learn over 10 common asked interview questions for your job position. 2. You will be given an explanation of the type of answer the interviewer is looking for ( a guide to what the employer wants you to discuss ) 3. You will be given an example job interview answer for each individual interview question, allowing you to tweak this answer, making it relevant to your own experiences.



Below you can also access 101 Interview Questions and techniques to Influence the Job Interview. Good luck with your next job interview.

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Job Interview for a Probation Officer 


Job Interview Question 1; Tell me about your experience as a probation officer?


Job Interview Question 2; Give me an example of when you have questioned an offender before a courtcase


Job Interview Question 3; How do you prepare a pre-sentence report


Job Interview Question 4; How do you ensure offenders commit to a community order?


Job Interview Question 5; Have you ever run a specialist group programme to change offenders’ attitudes and behavior?


Job Interview Question 6; What is the most challenging part of the role of a probation officer?


Job Interview Question 7; How do you ensure your personal feelings and views don’t effect your professional judgement when working with serious crime offenders?


Job Interview Question 8; How do you ensure the database is kept up to date?



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Job Interview Question 9; Give an example of when you have made an offender aware of how their offences affect victims


Job Interview Question 10; Which agencies would you work with when supporting offenders?


Job Interview Question 11; What is your success rate in lowering re-offending?


Job Interview Question 12; Do you have any questions for me?


Good interview questions to ask interviewers at the end of the job interview include questions on the company growth or expansion, questions on personal development and training and questions on company values, staff retention and company achievements.



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