Sample Interview Questions and Answers

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Sample Interview Questions and Answers



The key preparation for a job interview is to create a list of sample interview questions. From this list, you can create strong job interview answers by tailoring your experience, skills and qualities to that of the job specification.


Your sample interview answers need to do three things; one – inform the interviewer that you have the required skills, two – show enthusiasm and passion, three – highlight a unique selling point.


This is even more important when you are asked curve ball interview questions, these are job interview questions that sound random, but in actual fact have a hidden meaning.


Below you find 10 sample curve ball job interview questions and answers



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Sample Job Interview Question 1 What is your experience in this role?


At the interview start all employers, even those who use tricky job interview questions, will at the interview start ask you an open question to get you talking in a relaxed state. A question relating to your experience allows you to cover your whole career – start with a short summary “I have worked in this sector for X years…” continue by explaining 3 key achievements and finish the interview answer by discussing the key reason why you want to be hired for this position.


Sample Job Interview Question 2  What did you dislike about your last position?


When asked a negative based question it is easy to feel uncomfortable. Instead reframe this question to highlight one of your key strengths. Start by stating the problem and end with your strength “having a delicate task that needs to be completed in less time then would be required. What I do in this situation is (add key selling point/strength) ..” and finally end by stating the idea scenario “..ideally I like to plan…”


Sample Job Interview Question 3 Give an example of a problem you have had in a workplace?


The problem you choose should have no direct association with yourself, rather it should be a company problem. State the problem, explain what you did to overcome the problem using the 3 step approach and end with explaining the positive outcome from your solution, ideally making this relevant to the organisation you are applying to.




Sample Job Interview Question 4 Explain what you will be doing in 5 years time? 


Job hopping is becoming highly popular. Employers are concerned that good staff will take a better paid job within a year or two. Make it clear to the employer that you are here to stay.  You can achieve this in two ways. First by explaining how this career is the career you have always wanted, and how the career meets all of your employment criteria, you love this job so much that if you were employed in another sector, you would most likely volunteer in a similar role (don’t get to carried away!!). Or two, you can discuss how you have always wanted to work for their company. The reputation of the business is so good, that you have even turned down a higher paid position to work here.


Sample Job Interview Question 5 Why should we higher you over the other candidates? 


This is your time to shine. At the interview stage of the application process, your competition will have similar experiences and qualifications. You need to state something that you have, that others don’t. Think about what makes you unique, your key strengths,  the thing that will add value to this new organisation. Don’t be shy here, really big yourself up, make sure you stand out from the recruitment crowd.


Sample Job Interview Question 6 Name your favorite color and explain why you like this colour? 


This question (and similar questions) is more common then people realise. Colours have unconscious meanings; red = danger and blue = calmness and yellow = warmness. In the workplace think about the emotional environment you will be working in and use a colour that best describes the ergonomics of the workforce. In the finance sector you may say “green as this is the colour of money and profit” in a customer service role, you may answer with “yellow as this is the colour of a warmth and friendliness”


Interview questions and answers

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Sample Job Interview Question 7 Name 3 things you would take with you to a deserted island? 


Logical based interview questions are asked in many professional, high salary roles. The answer to the question often isn’t as important as your approach to answering the said question. Don’t just jump into an answer, instead state your reasoning “when in a survival situation it is easy to think about making a raft, a signal fire or shelter, but logically you will be in this situation for a number of days and weeks. A lack of water is the biggest killer without water you die within 3 days, without food you die in 2 weeks, which shows that water is more important then food…”


Sample Job Interview Question 8 How many grids are in London?


Many data, mathematical and engineering companies will add math based questions during the interview process. Again the answer isn’t as important as your approach. Explain how you would approach the problem you are face with, this shows your approach to stress and puzzles “let’s say in the average square mile of London there are  98 grids, we can times this number by the amount of square miles in London….”



Sample Job Interview Question 9 If you were an animal what animal would you be?


There are lots of variations of this and other creative job interview questions. Often interviewers not only require skills, they also want to hire someone with a suitable temperament, personality and motivational traits. An employees work ethic and values can be just as important as a candidates experiences and skill base. First think about the environment of the workplace; a team environment (pack animal) do you need to a good memory (elephant) is the employer looking for a fun employee (monkey) or someone who can blend in (chameleon) or someone loyal (tortoise – explain how you will stay with the company for many of year) Choose a relevant animal with a desired skill or personality trait.


Sample Job Interview Question 10 What questions do you have for me?


Always have at least 3 job interview questions to ask the employer. A focus on this stage should be on the environment of the organisation. Good interview questions to ask include questions on the company growth or expansion, questions on personal development and training and questions on company values, staff retention and company achievements.


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