What Questions Do You Ask at the Job Interview?

What Questions Do You Ask at the Job Interview?


Interview coaches teach interviewees to prepare for the job interview. It can be hard to prepare for the job when know one really knows what questions will be asked by your future employer. One question you can prepare for is the most common asked interview question, the one question you will always be asked “do you have any questions for me?”

In this article we have broke down what the interviewer is looking for in a perfect job interview answer and to help you create the perfect answer we have recorded an example answer



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Interview Question:


Do you have any questions for me?

Interview Video Tutorial “do you have any questions for me?”  


Explanation of the Question:


Most interviewers ask this question and generally towards the end of the interview. Remember to prepare for this, as asking questions will be a great end to an excellent interview. Don’t ask about salaries or holidays etc until you have been offer a job position.   Interview questions and answers

Example Interview Answer

        • “Do you have any future plans to expand the company?”



      • “Does your team work well together?”



      • “Have you put in any new bids for any new contracts?”



      • “What is the company’s policy on personal development and training?”



      • “Where do you see the company being in 5 years time” 



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