8 Almost Illegal Ways To Pass The job Interview

8 Almost Illegal Ways To Pass The job Interview 


Not for the faint hearted, these 8 techniques will get you ahead of the interview game, but all will be lost if your found out, so keep these interview secrets to yourself! Only the strongest survive, use these 8 almost illegal ways to pass your next job interview, but remember to leave your morals, guilt and niceties at the door.


The 007 Approach


This technique works best for promotional job interviews. Buy a 007 type listening advice from any of the hundreds of online gadget shops and sneak one into the manager’s office/meeting room. When the manager and HR team meet to discuss the interview criteria, listen in and use these inside information to prepare your interview answers. Like a spy undercover, this inside information will help you play the character the interviewers will want to promote.


Wet the Seat


This childhood prank of wetting the a friends pants to make them look silly in the playground works just as well in the job interview. All you have to do is take a small bottle of water into the interview waiting area. Once sat down poor the water onto the other seat, when the second interviewee comes in and sits down, his wet pants will make look more frightened then he already is.


Pick Up Artist

 pick up artist

You need to use some more 007 skills to follow and monitor the interviewer’s activities, what you are looking for here, is the interviewer’s partner. Once the partner is located, follow them undercover of course, around for a few days to find out where they hangout. Armed with this knolwdge, create a chance meeting and turn the charm on, but most important get the partner talking. Pick up artist will compliment, question and build on what others say to create intrigue and strong rapport. Utilise these techniques, and at some point the faithful partner will discuss their beloved, explore this and find out what the interviewer likes and loves, discover their charterer, hobbies and taste. The more you keep the partner talking the more inside information you will uncover. This inside infromation is key to building rapport, as people like people who are like them, in the interview when aksed “tell me a little about yourslef” you can parrot pharse what theor partner told you, if there a football fan, tell them that you are a football fan, if they like art, explain how yoru a big art fan, just don’t mention that you fancy their partner – that’s the one commonality that bound to break not create rapport


Buy Your Way In 


When applying for  position in an established company, one thing you know is true is that hundreds of other past applicants have wrote an interview winning application form. Offer these people money for a copy of their application form (go on industry forums and do this anonymously) edit the application form and wait for the job interview.


Pay to Work

I know this one sounds crazy, but the crazy ones work really well. Approach a company offer to pay them £400 to work for their company for free – who could refuse this? With the condition that if they think your a good worker at the end of the week they have to employ you, if not they keep the £400. For this to work you need to approach a company that is looking to hire new staff.


Don’t Take Sweets From Strangers


 dont take sweets from strangers

We have all fallen for the joke sweet prank as a child; you excitedly take the offered sweet only to hear the laughter from your class mates as unknown to you, your teeth are now blackened. When waiting in the reception area, as a friendly jester offer a sweet to your fellow interviewees…it wasn’t your fault that you child must of hidden a joke sweet in among the others. Remember the interviewer will make an opinion about the interviewee on their first impression, which will be highly negative for your competition with the un-brushed blackened teeth…at an interview!!


Steal a Car 

car theft

Don’t worry you don’t need to steal a car. But what you can do, is arrive early for your job interview and wait in the car park. When you see another interviewee arrive make a mental note of the make, model and colour of their vehicle, and interviewees are always easy to spot. Leave it for ten minutes and then go into the interview reception area, as you say hello to the other interviewees ask if anyone has a (state the make, model and colour – don’t use the registration because when they find out that their car is fine you don’t want them questioning you ) because it looks like someone has broken in, the panicky interviewee will run out of the office only to find that it must of been a similar car to his that was vandalised. As he returns, the interviewer see’s the flushed interviewee arriving late for the interview tut tut no-one likes late a interviewee


Bad Advice


Interviewees love to chat between themselves to reduce their nerves and help the waiting time to pass away quickly. Use this time, to ask if they had researched the company, which most will reply yes. Tell them in your research you found that the company really value A, B and C and this is part of the company criteria. You can go to say your not sure when you will mention this key criteria, maybe in your opening statement or when they ask the question what do you know about us? And then leave it there, the trick here is the key criteria is the exact opposite to what the company require, even if the interviewee has researched the company themselves panic will set in, because they won’t be certain if they have overlooked this value piece of information, and when they mention this during the interview they will break rapport instantly.

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