Amazing Future Jobs

Amazing Future Jobs 


The job market is changing, on Virgin Blog this week they discuss the possible future jobs me and you could be working in, in the next 10-15 years.


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They discuss 5 key potential industries including Prison Wardens for the elderly! Apparently old age petitioners are committing more crime then ever before. 


As the worlds population grows, a new pressure will be put on the farming sectors. So where will we grow crops for our over populated and over housed human race?  Vertical farms (farms in tower block type buildings are becoming evermore likely, and a growth in genetic modified crops is becoming common place, soon we could be eating food that is grown in test-tubes.


“As we enter the new space age, we may even find planets filled with mineral soils that are suited to growing crops all year round” says Virgin blogger Chris Delaney. Jobs in the space sector are predicted to be around the 100,000 mark for the UK alone, everything from astronauts to launch pad designers will be required to meet this need.


Learn ore about predicted future jobs in this interesting article here: 5 Unberlievable Jobs of the Future

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