Does Internet Job Search Work?

Internet Job Searching


Finding job adverts is now easier than ever with the use of the Internet, I am asked on a daily basis by clients, fellow career and employment advisors “which website advertises various Industry job roles” I could easily write several pages of useful websites for you to use, but this would not be useful as thier will be a broad range of job searchers spanning many sectors reading this article and I don’t want to waste your time as you have to trawl through inappropriate information for your industry when you can instead use this easy technique:

Use Google! All you need to do is type into your preferred search engine, for example ‘Logistics job in Manchester” from this you shall return a great list of roles to apply for from job websites that you will not have come across before. (Often when you click on the job page you need to re-enter your job choice and area)

Job websites can be word sensitive; you may find that you produce a completely different list of adverts if you type into a Job Searcher “Receptionist” or “Administrator”. If you search for all of the different job titles that you can think of you shall maximise the amount of relevant vacancies that you find and shall ensure that you find those vacancies that others may miss.

Most companies advertise vacancies on their own company website. The vacancies are usually found at top or bottom of the Company Websites under the “Jobs” or “Careers” section. Sometimes Company Websites have the facility to search the site, try searching for ‘Vacancy’ Alternatively locate the “Contact us” link and use this information to enquire about any vacancies.

If you can’t find the company recruitment section – Google “Company name Job” this often brings up the company recruitment page on their webpage From this you can normally download an application form, complete one online or find an address to which you can send your CV.

Warning: I have seen jobs advertised in papers and on job websites and when I have gone onto the company website they say they have no vacancies-Crazy I know! If in doubt send a speculative CV and Letter.

This mini job searching tip was taken from The Secrets of Employment job search guide

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