Employment Opportunities

Job hunting is only hard when you don’t know how to find the job vacancies and employment opportunities. If you want to quickly increase the amount of job opportunities you can find:

1. First, use job search engines – the Internet is an important tool for job hunters. You can quickly find hundreds and thousands of job adverts by entering your job title and location into a job search engine. TIP * try inserting different job titles, as search engines are word sensitive.

2. Company WebPages – You won’t find many employers without a company webpage, in most cases companies will save money on job advertisements by advertising their own jobs on their own website. To find company recruitment WebPages, quickly Google “the company name” and “recruitment”

3. Speculative Applications – Don’t just wait for companies to advertise vacancies, show them you are interested in them and send a speculative letter along with your CV. Research has shown there is a 40% success rate using this approach. If you need to create a CV, use a CV writing service.

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