FREE Career Advice in Manchester

FREE Career Advice in Manchester 


A great tool for choosing a new career is matching a Career Sector to your Personality Traits. You have a natural preference to how you organise your life, where you get energy and motivation from, your stress indicators and how you  make sense of things.

Some people plan, create list and keep diaries, others can work on many task at once, work well in untidy working environments and like to learn new ways of working. You might get more energised when with others or when working alone. Some prefer details and facts, others prefer being creative and innovative.

The key to career success is finding a job that you will naturally love, this way you will progress up the career ladder easily and you will love waking up on a Monday morning. This is why today you can receive a free personality profile, that will match your personality to new career ideas.




Only 4 Questions to fully understand your personality type.

Today you will learn more about yourself and your personality type by answering 4 simple questions. The four questions below are all about the different aspects of your personality, for each question you have to choose a letter-you will need to write down your selected letter.

Each question covers a different part of your personality, as you read the questions you will quickly realise that you have/use both personality style answers-for each question you need to pick your preference. Try writing your name down with your Right hand and then try it again using your Left, only one will feel natural. When answering the questions think what your preference is, what is natural to you, what do you do the most

  • Where we get our Energy From

 Which are you more like?


Are you more Extrovert (E)                                      


  • You think out loud                                                      
  • A good talker                                                             
  • Like to give your opinions                                          
  • Often seen as excitable                                             
  • Need to fill in gaps and pauses                                    


Or are you Introvert (I)

  • Think before you speak 
  • Prefer quite
  • Keep your thoughts private
  • Enjoy your own time
  • A good listener 



  • How we take in Information

 Which are you more like?


Are you a Sensing Individual (S)                               

  • Do you look for Facts                                                 
  • Are you Practical and Sensible                                  
  • Keep thing realistic and real                                                   
  • Use what you know and have learnt                          
  • Use straight forward language                                    


Or Intuitive (N)

  • Do you look for possibilities
  • Do you spot patterns
  • Do you go with your hunches
  • Enjoy learning new things
  • Lose track of time easily 



  • How We Make Decisions

 Which are you more like?

 Are you a Feeler (F)                                                   

  • Are you in touch with your feelings                             
  • Do you enjoy giving praise                                          
  • Are you driven by emotion      
  • Like to be of service to others                                   
  • Find it hard to say No 


Or Thinker (T)

  • Do you follow your head
  • Like a lively debate
  • Like to hear both sides to a story/argument
  • Like rules, regulations and principles
  • Can make tough discussions without becoming emotional 




  • Your Attitude to Life

 Which are you more like?  

 Are you a Judging Individual (J)                                


  • Like to plan and organise things                                
  • Enjoy finishing tasks                                                   
  • Like to feel in control and on top of things               
  • Like neatness and tidiness                                           
  • Like structured lives                                                     


Or a Perceiving Individual (P)

  • Like to see how things turn out
  • Go with the flow/like to explore
  • Like to start task
  • Rather not use list
  • Don’t mind untidiness
  • Keep your opinions open


Record Your 4 Personality Type Letters, remember your password and click the link below to download your free 12 page profile – INSTANT DOWNLOAD



If you haven’t received your password click FREE PASSWORD



In the Personality Type report you will receive:

  • Your key words
  • A summary of your personality type
  • Preferred job positions
  • How others view you
  • Your strengths
  • Where you get your energy from
  • How you remember information
  • How you decide or come to conclusion
  • Where you work best
  • How you contribute in a team
  • How you can grow
  • Stress
  • How to deal with arguments
  • How you learn


Finally Employment King would like to wish you the best of luck with your future career and life

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