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Our mission is to help people secure employment and through our years of working with job searchers from all backgrounds we have found a common trait among long term unemployed people or those stuck in a job they hate – they are under prepared. Today you Want to download our free career test, which is designed to get you thinking and planning about how you can achieve your career goal easily.

Some people you know walk into jobs easily and the quiz you are about to undertake will help you think about the elements of job searching these successful people think about, as we say in NLP if one person can do something anyone can learn to do it. We have taken the questions successful career people ask themselves when they job search and put them into a career test to help empower you.

You will also receive a free Job Log –  finally Good Luck

DOWNLOAD NOW your FREE  Career Quiz 

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10 thoughts on “Free Career Test

  1. It’s just great that you are providing these useful on line interactive activities for job-seekers. All the important basics seems to be here. And I love that you are encouraging visitors to DO stuff – because the isolation of job-seeking can really create inertia.

    Will recommend you to all our students.

  2. great article, a career assessment (as outlined in your career quiz) is important and highly effective to assist you to find the best possible career that meets your personality and who you are.
    Before taking the career journey learning about some of your values simply points you in the right direction…otherwise you’re in the dark, sometimes you’ll be stuck in a role that doesn’t suit you for years to come…definately worth taking the quiz

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