How to get That Christmas Job

How to get That Christmas Job


As with all job positions, you need to target your application; if the employer requires a seasonal employee, explain that you are applying for a seasonal worker, this is easily done on the covering letter


Look the part; if you’re applying for an elf or Father Christmas role, turn looking similar to character you are portraying. This doesn’t mean you need to turn in Santa outfit, but you could turn up with a full grown beard and a plump tummy this way you will give the interviewer a visual representation of how you will fit in to this role


Open all hours; employers recruit seasonal staff because during these busy times, especially leading up to Christmas and the Boxing Day sales employers open for over 16 hours a day, which means they need to recruit people who can work these long hours. Make it clear that you are willing to work Christmas week, Christmas Eve and Boxing Day. So flexibility and make it clear you know how busy the workplace will be, now the employer is satisfied that you won’t quit half way through the week.


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