How to Job Search with Twitter

Job searching on social networking sites continues to grow with Twitter and Facebook taking the Lions Share of the social networking sites traffic.

Many of us now have a Twitter account on our PC and/or Phone (job searching on the move), if you’re not a tweeter set up a Twitter Account today.

You can use twitter in several ways, as a job search tool or as a way to share your knowledge and expertise with employers, encouraging employers to recruit you.

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Twitter Job Searching                                                                                

First, using the Twitter search engine search for:                                      




From this you will gain a list of job vacancies, you can even search more specifically;




You can use any industry, job title or company name to search for vacancies. Through this search you will find tweeters who tweet specific “industry” jobs or “all job industry” vacancies. If these tweets interest you, you can follow these tweets and receive up to date tweets and jobs.  

While job searching add your favorite jobs/tweets to favorites box, so you don’t forget about them.

You will be amazed by the amount of jobs that are advertised on twitter, use twitter alongside other job search engines to maximize your job searching.  

Inside Information for Job Applications

Once you have found a vacancy you are interested in, search for people working in the organization you are looking to apply for. You may find tweets from the company (companies use twitter to promote their image, services and products) Employees and Managers.

Follow these tweets, discreetly if needed and gain insights into the company polices, mission, history, new contracts and gossip – all which potentially could be useful during your application and interview.  

Under an alias you could message the employees asking for information, updates and interview tips.

Tweet Yourself

You can also use Twitter as a self promotional tool, set up a new twitter account and add a professional photo in the background. On your profile, add that you are looking to gain employment, how many years experience you have and a little bit about yourself.

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From this you can tweet information about your experience, your industry knowledge, give industry advice and news updates.

After a while people will start to see your tweets (and re-tweet them) showing you as an industry expert, employers will see you have in-depth knowledge, qualifications, expertise and may offer you an interview of the back of your tweets.

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