I Need a Job Quickly

Do you have a large Mortgage, Bills to Pay or a Holiday due and you have just been made redundant or recently lost your job? Are you desperate to find work quickly?

Whatever your reason is, some job hunters need to find a job quickly, these top ten tips will help you achieve your goal – quickly.

To find a job quickly follow the Top Ten “I Need a Job Quickly” Tips.

1. Write yourself a plan, make it detailed, we are more likely to complete and follow a plan we have wrote – First you need to have a GOAL; start by answering these questions:


2. What is your goal? What do you need to do to achieve this goal? What else do you need? What can other people do to help you? What resources do you have? What favours can you call in? What might stop you achieving your goal? How can you overcome this challenge?


Put all these answers into a plan of action; add dates and times for when you want to complete your individual actions. Split every action into 3 smaller more mangle chunks, people often need evidence that they are moving forward, by having smaller steps and milestones you will quickly achieve these, keeping you more motivated and focused. Do you need to know how to write a career action plan?


3. Pay for a CV Writing Service to write you a Targeted CV, you already know, a CV writing service will ensure your CV gets you noticed when applying for work. A good CV is the key to gaining job interviews, don’t waste time guessing if your CV will work for you, and get the professionals to get it right first time.


4. Research Your Industry, find out which companies have won new contracts and who is currently recruiting – this will stop you time-wasting when your job searching.  Using social network sites and asking your past colleagues and managers is the easiest way to succeed with this.


5. Sign up to a least 3 Recruitment Agencies and make this industry specific, as well as job searching yourself, let others job search for you.


6. Add Your CV to Job Search Engines, again this to increase the amount of job positions you can apply for. Add your CV to at least 3 job search engines.


7. Speculative Applications have a 40% success rate and is a quick way to apply for various positions in a short period of time. You can find companies address/e-mails on search engines, business directories and on websites such as www.yell.com


8. Practice Interviews; often job hunters find and apply for vacancies only to be turn down after their interview. This is often due to nervous or lack of preparation. Apply for a low level job and use their interview to practice your interview techniques. Use an NLP Career Coach to help you gain new confidence and to overcome interview fears.


9. Depending on the industry you are in, Offer to Work for Free for a day, if the employer likes you, they will offer you a contract of employment.


10. There is no failure, only feedback; learn from the past, as well as looking at what works well with your job searching, CV Writing and Interviews also look at what you can improve and what you have learnt from any mistakes you may have made. Never give up, life is about learning and moving forward.

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