Is Getting a Job in 7 days Possible? Experts Say It is

Is Getting a Job in 7 days Possible? Experts Say It is


So you are really sick of your current full time job? Or probably you have just graduated and you are raring to start working? Well, the bad news is that millions of other people with skills just like you are also in your position.

The good news on the other hand, is that it is possible to get your dream job in 7 days and start earning good income. If you listen to most job seekers, they will give you jeremiads about their tribulations in the job market. But who said you have to be like them?


Capitalizing on Job Searching Skills

With the right job searching information at your fingertips, you will be in the employed cadre in a week’s time. Mind you, this is not a gimmick because thousands of job seekers have used these tips to get their dream jobs. Take a look:

  • Fine tune your marketing materials: You have to consider yourself as a brand. As such, you need perfect marketing to get employers to notice you. Employers are looking for a person who is offering a packaged deal of skills and you must present yourself so. Your profile and resume must be reworked with your specific target industry in mind.
  • Power of networking: You must have come across this job searching tip but are you really building on it? For instance, your previous bosses, your lecturers in college, colleagues who have moved to other jobs and even friends must know about your job search today.


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  • Social media: It might be inveighed by old folks but this platform provides an ideal tool to market yourself. In essence, you must rebrand your social media platform to reposition yourself as a professional looking for a job and not carefree student in college. You must utilize Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social platforms in your job search.
  • Career fairs: This is one place where you can meet prospective employers without paying a dime. You should position yourself in the target industry and ask probing questions to assess whether the company you are targeting has any openings.
  • Online job search managers: These are the perfect places to start your job search. When you visit for instance, you will get professional advice on resume building and updating. Employers use these platforms to get professionals whose backgrounds have been checked thus making hunting for skills easier.



Interview questions and answers

  • Job alerts: This is the age of information and it is easy to sign up for alerts from different job search platforms. Job alerts will supplement other networks you have already built.
  • Hone interview skills: You might be complaining about the job market while the problem lies with you. You have to practice how to interview successfully by learning how to dress appropriately, learning to answer common questions and avoiding common interview mistakes.

Do you feel like the job market does not need you? Well, you only have to understand what you really need and aggressively look for it. Your ideal job is out there waiting for you to identify it so get down to work; job searching is a job in itself.


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