Job Search Tips For Over 50’s

Job Search Tips For Over 50’s


There are many myths surrounding job searchers who are 50+, with the most common myth being that employers always prefer to recruit younger candidates. The truth is, that most employers just don’t care about your age they are more interested in your skills and experiences, in short the only question a potential employer ask is what added value can you bring to our team?


These days 50 isn’t that old, especially as the retirement age increases. Years gone by, when many of the job where in manual labour of some short, the older generation were discriminated against as they could work as fast or for as long as a younger and much fitter employee. Now a days , many jobs are the form of communication, information and innovation. The over 50’s aren’t warn out, they fighting fit, and your key selling point IS YOUR AGE, you have vast experience, you have made mistakes and had great successes, this is what the employer an employee who can get on with the job, an employee that can use their experience to create bigger profit margins, the employer wants an employee who will add value to the team.

If your still worried about being to old, you can follow these few “Don’t” remember age discrimination is illegal, by following these rules the employer will only see your experience not your age.

1.       Don’t record your DOB on your resume or CV

2.       Don’t record the year you were born on your e-mail expel

3.       Don’t add all your previous jobs to your CV – just the last 5 years

4.       Don’t make your social media pages accessible to anyone

5.       Don’t apologise for your age, you age is a selling point, don’t even mention how old you are, as many people cant guess it when they meet you at the job interview


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