Optimism Dies in Job Hunters

Optimism Dies in Job Hunters 

Optimism drops in job hunters for two reasons. One, they have limiting beliefs about not being recruited by a new employer and two, the job hunter cant find their desired position being advertised.

The media keep telling us about the state of the economy and its affect on the job market. It is true for some, job sectors vacancies are on decline, but the reality is that in other sectors the job market is in growth.

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Humans have a fundamental flaw that we often believe what people in authority (such as news paper editors) tell us. This belief can cause anxiety in the job hunter, stopping them from even starting their job hunting process. With their optimism at an all time low this belief becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.

A great strategy to break this belief is to set up Google alerts for job adverts for your sector. Each day businesses announce how they are ready to release a new recruitment drive, often through press releases. You can find out about these positions before anyone else, through the use of Google Alerts and Apps such as Flipbaord.

By knowing that companies are recruiting you optimism increases and once you start to job search, motivation will kick in increasing your chances of securing a new position.
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