Telephone Applications That Get Results

Telephone Applications That Get Results


Many job searches like you will be pro-active in their job search, telephoning companies speculatively to gain employment. The speculative telephone application can be a great way for you to open new opportunities, as many other job searchers fail to complete or even attempt this easy job search tactic.


Don’t Miss Your Opportunity to Shine


On average you will have around 5 minutes to sell yourself to the employer, and most job hunters mess this up by opening with a sentence asking them for a job! I know this sounds like the right technique to use, but it doesn’t work in most cases.


This is because the employer isn’t interested in you. And why should they be? They have never met and in most cases never heard of you until this first phone call. To be successful applying speculatively, you need to employ sale tactics to win job interviews, as explained in the new book  

The employer will only recruit you, if you can add value to their organisation which is why you have to open up your conversation stating what you can offer the employer – your unique selling point.

 Your Unique Selling Point

Hopefully you will have many selling points, what you need to do is write them all down. After this research the organisation you would like to work for and get an insight to their values, beliefs and mission. By understanding what the company value you can match this criteria to your selling points, with this knowledge you can open up your conversation stating what is important to you “helping others to achieve their goals” “making advancements in the medical field” “sharing knowledge to empower others” which through your research will also be important to the company.


This way you are speaking the employer’s language, once the employer is intrigued you continue to influence them by adding that you are telephoning to apply for the position, and how you would help the company achieve their goals/mission. “I’m telephoning today as I am interested in applying for a position as X in your company; by recruiting me I would XXXX…”


This section is together so the employer hasn’t the time to say “unfortunately we have no positions available” without them hearing your unique selling points. And if you become a valuable asset (you wow the organisation with your unique selling point) to the organisation they will have no choice but to interview you, as they will feel intrigued to find out more.

 In 3 Steps

  • Open with your unique selling point that matches the company values or mission
  • Follow this with, why you are telephoning the employer – to apply for a job
  • And finally without leaving a long gap – sell yourself in a quick paragraph summarising why the employer NEEDs you

You can learn how to influence interviewers on a higher level today by reading this newly released book – influencing the interview using psychology, nlp and hypnotic persuasion techniques

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