Telephone Scripts for Telephone Applications

You’re searching on the Internet, looking for a job and you find a vacancy that really suits your employment criteria – well done. As you read through the job advert you come to “how to apply” section and it requires you to telephone the employer! How does this make you feel?

To pass the telephone application you need confidence and you need to prepare, this article will help you prepare for the telephone interview by giving you a script to follow; it is not just about having a general script to follow, it’s about how you can personalise the script to suit your background and the job position you are applying for.


The Fear of Telephones


When you read the line “to apply, telephone…” You will either take a deep breath, start to feel panicky, while thinking “there is no way I’m going to telephone an employer” or feel confident about telephone applications, knowing that you will pass this stage of the job application.

Why do many of us become scared when you have to telephone an employer? By now, you will know that many job hunters are more nervous about telephone applications then attending a face to face job interview. Before you telephone the employer you have learn how to be confident on the telephone, there are many techniques to help you with this.

Telephone Applications


When asked to telephone an employer, many people believe they will have to undertake a telephone interview; this is often not the case. In many instances all you will have to do is leave a message on the employer’s answering machine and to make this process even easier, we have added an additional script for leaving an answer machine message, for your use.

When an employer is interested in interviewing candidates over the telephone (this is a common interview process for telephone sales team jobs) they will give a clue on the job advert: “please allow 30-40 minutes for your phone call”

Like all interviews you need to prepare what say and how to act, if you are still concerned about telephone interviews read the Secrets of Employment and like many other successful job hunters use the techniques included to overcome telephone fears and learn how to pass all interviews.

If you are not required to leave an answer machine message, once you get through to the employer they generally only want to take some basic details and maybe ask you one or two questions, to get an idea of your background before asking you to complete an application form or to send your CV.


Telephone Scripts

Below are two scripts; one for an answer machine message and the second for when you are put through to the employer.

The script below are basic to help you get started and can be used across all job sectors, you need to add your own answers to the blanks and then reword the whole script to make it your own and relevant to your background and the job sector.

Answer machine Message for Job Application:                                                   

Good Morning my name is add your name, I recently seen your vacancy for a job position on the job website/newspaper.

I have over add years of experience as a add job position and feel my experience of add one essential job criteria will add additional value to your company.

Can you please forward me a job specification and application form to add address and e-mail, to repeat that is repeat address and e-mail.


Thank You                                                                                      

Speaking to an Employer                                                                            


In most cases a receptionist will initially answer the telephone call.

Good morning, my name is add name, can you please put me through to named person on the job advert.


If asked what it is regarding;                                                                                 

It’s regarding a job application I recent seen advertised.


Once you have been put through to the named person;                                              


Hello named person on the job advert, my name is add name I am telephoning to apply for the position as a add job position that you recently advertised on add website/job paper.


When asked about your employment experience;                                                                


Overall I have over add years experience of working in add sector name industry. This experience has taught me to add a really life experience that hits one of job roles essential criteria. In addition I am qualified to add industry qualification.


The question above is the most important section of the whole telephone interview, the example we have used is very general designed to cover all job sectors and reader’s abilities, for a full breakdown of answers to interview questions and over 60 Interview Questions and Answers you will want to read Tricky Interview Question, Killer Answers.

The employer may ask you one or two more questions, you can use the Tricky Interview Questions, Killer Answers E-Book to effectively answer all the employers questions to guarantee you a face to face interview. If possible add to one of your answers the reason why you are interested in their vacancy and company.


End of Conversation                                                                                 


Thank you for your time and I look forward to meeting you soon, Good Bye.

You will need to re-write the script 3 times to ensure you have worded the script perfectly and highlighted your essential skills needed for this position. You will also find it useful to complete a mock telephone interview with a Careers Advisor or Friend.

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