Why Cant I Get a Job – I have the experience?

Why Can’t I Get a Job I have the Experience?


We can help you believe in yourself, boosting your confidence and increasing your motivation in Your Life, your Career and Your Future. The key to success is truly believing in yourself – answer this career coaching question:

What is your potential annual salary? £25,000, £50,000, £100,000?…More?  Even as an experience career professional you are missing out on big earnings.

If you know you have the capability to earn £50,000 but you find you are often rejected from employers, you know this is costing you. Take a £50,000 salary ÷ by 12 months = you are missing out on Over £4000 a month – that’s a lot of your money to give away

Why are you missing out on £4000 monthly salary? Because you know how to do your job, as this is your expertise but you don’t know the secrets to employment – this is our expertise.

On average it can take job hunters over 6 months (or £24,000 in potential earnings) to secure employment. How much would you pay to earn £4000 next month?


Imagine you could get help to find employment, what support would you ask for? What would really boost your chances to guarantee you your next job?

Employment King Can Support You


  • Life Coaching: Telephone, E-mail UK and Face to Face Interview Coaching in Greater Manchester (Exchange Square, Manchester, M4 3TR) From £14.99







Finally Employment King would like to wish you the best of luck with your next job application and future career.

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