Looking for Work? Need a Qualification?

An apprenticeship does both, Completing an apprenticeship is an excellent way to gain both a qualification and work experience. While in an apprenticeship, you are classed as an employee and will be entitled to a wage.

Apprenticeships are open to all ages, like all job positions the competition is fierce. When applying you need to show you meet the required requirements for the job role and company. You learn the secret to gaining work in the Secrets of Employment.

You can gain apprenticeships in most industries, from small and large employers. Apprenticeships are advertised, like all jobs on both company websites and job search engine websites. The government have funded a website dedicated to apprenticeships With most apprenticeships you can apply while having no qualifications and by the end of the apprenticeship you will achieve an NVQ Level 2, which is equivalent to 5 GCSE’s A-C grade.

Some employers and industries will request entry requirements such as a minimum qualification, and will often take these employees through to an NVQ Level 3, equivalent to 3 A Levels. In addition, in some industries, you can also complete an NVQ Level 4, as a higher apprenticeship, equivalent to a Degree.

Apprenticeships, for a large amount of people are an ideal way to up skill, gain relevant industry qualifications and a wage. Apprenticeships use a wide range of learning styles to support people in the completion of the apprenticeship, with a large amount of learning on the job.

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