Get Paid For Being on Facebook

Get Paid for Being on Facebook

The next big job sector ready to explode, that requires little schooling is the Social Media Sector. Employers of all sizes are seeing the value of social media as a platform to increase profits. The idea is; the employer releases an emotional based story, video, picture or comment. The public using G+ forums, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Vine, Pinterest, etc share the article/video/image around, so it is seen by millions of people. 10% of these people will visit the company website and 10% of these customers will buy a product.

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Companies are hiring people to add content to their businesses social media platforms. More then just adding content, these social media experts will interact with the customers, responding to comments and liking customers post. This creates a strong relationship between the customer and the brand, increasing customer retention and of course profit.


Many companies hire people who can prove that they can increase followers on social media platforms. A key question ask at the interview is “how many followers do you have on twitter?” and “what specifically did you do to get that many followers?”


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