Recently Created Careers

Recently Created Careers

Recently created and future jobs belong to the STEM sector (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) and the potential jobs opportunities range from the entertainment industry recruiting game designers to sound engineers, to the energy and environmental sector who are developing new energy sources from wind, sun and wave power.

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Carbon Jobs

Governments from all over the world are looking at how we can cut carbon emissions to create a greener planet while enjoying the advancements we have created. Innovators are current working on Wave Powered Electricity – creating energy from under the sea, Electric Powered Cars that can travel as fast as formula one vehicles and Planes Powered by the Sun. Scientist from different expert fields are coming together to collaborate, creating new ideas for old problems. This scientific collaboration is proving to be highly successful. There is a massive need for innovative scientist and this sector is due to rapidly expand.

Space Jobs

STEM jobs (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) is predicted to be the growth industry of the future. Advancements in technology, computer science, health, psychology and nanoscience will increase jobs in this sector. Predicted growth in the space industry is massive, with scientist looking at energy sources from different planets, space watchers ready to predict asteroids hitting the planet and even space holidays are not too far away.

Data Analyst/Security Jobs 

As the internet has flourished, a large amount of data is being stored on company servers, which can literally burn out the servers.  Companies like Google and Amazon collect data to use to increase profits. Big Data, Data Analyst and Online Data Security staff play a powerful part in this high
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