Starting Your New Job – The First Week

You have applied for work, passed the interview and gained an offer of employment – congratulations! So, the first week of your new job is approaching, many start to get a mixture of feelings; nervousness and excitement.

Starting a new role is never easy even for a professional “career job hopper”, as we don’t know our team members and their personalities; you have probably already questioned yourself “will I fit in?”

How do you work best? Do you prefer a manger who lets you get on with it your way or do you need constant direction?  Whatever fears or worries we have about our new job role, we will never truly know what to expect until we actually start. Remember life is full of opportunities and experiences, if your new position is not for you, look for something else – what do you have to lose?

There is so much to take in when starting a new career, where do you start? With your job interview you prepared and practiced, you can now prepare for the start of your new career with a free guide to your first week and beyond a new career.

DOWN LOAD TODAY – The First Week and beyond – a New Career

To help you in the first week of your new job and beyond, Employment King is offering a FREE E-Book to all our blog followers only, if you feel You Want this e-book, designed to help you plan for your first week in your new career, to understand how your new manager manages staff and to prepare you for the next step up the career ladder – your next promotion.


The First Week and Beyond – A New Career; Free E-Book, (limited offer)


As you are sat down, reading this article getting excited about downloading your free e-book, you first need know what to expect, so here’s a quick list of everything you get in the e-book…for FREE.


  • How to become an Industry Expert



  • How to Plan for your First Day at Work 10 Quick Tip’s



  • Why You Need a Positive Job Identity?



  • Management Styles



  • How to Enjoy Your Job



  • How to Gain a Job Promotion



  • Extract from “The Secrets of Employment” e-book


Finally, employment king would like to wish you all the best with your new job role and future career, we hope this free e-book that you will download today will help prepare you for your first week (and beyond) in a new job, starting by giving a first good impression, knowing how to answer the ‘new person’ questions and by being an industry expert you will quickly gain to respect of your new colleagues.

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