Use Google To Cheat Your Way To Career Success

Use Google To Cheat Your way To Career Success

Recently on Career Chris Delaney give you a 5 Step Google Cheat to help you in your job search.

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The internet has made finding jobs easy….hasn’t it? Well 90% of job searchers use the same job sites which means that competition for every advertised job is high with around 3000 people applying for each advertised vacancy. Often the job search will fall accidentally on to a great vacancy only to realise the vacancy has been filled.


The truth is there are more vacancies out there then you realise being advertised on company websites and job search engines that you may not think to look for. But there is a great trick you can use. On career attraction Chris explains how you can set up Google alerts (these alerts takes around 2 minutes to set up)  to find hidden vacancies. This way Google the most popular search engine uses its own resources to trawl through the internet e-mailing you as it finds job vacancies that match your search.

This technique is a time saver, rather then sit in front of the PC for hours on end hoping to find a suitable vacancy, Google will now e-mail you when they have found you a job. Click the link below to uncover the whole strategy. 


Read the full article here: Find Job Openings with Google Alerts .


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