3 Key Degrees for the Future

3 Key Degrees for the Future


The job marketing is changing, before you choose your career and university course check our LMI tab, because you need to know if your career will still be available in 10 years time. Belwo you will find 3 degrees what will be needed for 3 careers for at least the next 20 years.

Engineering Degree


Humans like to know how things work. We also have a tendency to make things better and faster. It is this desire that has put man on the moon and created the amazing feats of engineering such as the hoover dam. With a global increase having a more eco and green planet, engineers will be desired in the future. Whether you focus on chemical, nuclear, electrical or aeronautical, engineers need to be highly skilled and qualified. This is one job sector that is on the increase, so for all you mathematical and analytic individuals this career could be for you.


Computer Science


Everyone house and office has one, we even have it on our phones. The internet is vast with people accessing their bank account on their mobile phone. As history has proven with many previous innovative technological advances, some people will try to exploit it for their own benefit. In the case of the internet, worldwide employers will be hiring skilled online security guards to fight against the increasing cyber crime rates. Business, police forces and secret services will all be hiring employees skilled in computer sciences in the near future – if not now.


 Business, Finance and Accounting


Even with the recent global economy taking a recent plummet, money talks. Business, governments and the general public all need qualified professionals, to look after, invest and advice us on all our financial needs. Physical money may vanish in the near future, but online cash (or points!) will still pay our mortgages, holidays and weekly shopping. Financiers and accountants have been around for hundreds of years and will still be here in another hundred(s) years.


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