5 Key Questions To Ask Before You Accept the Job Offer


5 Key Questions To Ask Before You Accept the Job Offer 


This week our Guest Blogger is Steve P Brady – executive resume writer, teacher and blogger www.stevepbrady.me If you would like to write for Employment King e-mail employmentking@gmail.com


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It is a tough job market out there. The economy is improving, but there is still a long way to go before employers try to outbid each other on new hires. You may have spent weeks or even months sending out resumes, networking on LinkedIn, attending job fairs and then, finally, someone makes you an offer.

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But wait. Don’t say yes just yet. If you can afford to be a little discerning now, you could save yourself a lot of trouble later. Here are 5 key questions to ask yourself before accepting that job offer.


5 Key Questions To Ask Before You Accept the Job Offer


1. Are the company’s books in order? While you can’t ask them to open up their Quick-Books for you, there are some steps you can take to ensure that the company isn’t going to go belly-up in a year, leaving you back where you started- looking for a new job. The internet is your friend here. Look them up. Check out their stock prices and any associated analysis. You’ll know after looking around for a half an hour or so if the firm is in trouble.


2. How likely is a move? Many companies have multiple locations, and those that don’t will often relocate to take advantage of tax incentives, or a better workforce. If your current location is important to you due to a strong school systems, family connections etc, then ask how likely a move is in the next 2 years. 



3. How much do you know about your boss-to-be? The one individual (other than yourself of course) who will have the most influence over whether you succeed or fail, enjoy your job or hate it, is your direct supervisor. Do your best to get a good read on your future boss. Do your personalities click, or clash? How happy do the other employees seem?


4. What can you realistically expect from the company? This question goes beyond simply salary and 401K. Look into their health insurance offerings. Is there dental? What kind of time off can you receive? Does child care or flex time mean something to you? The time to ask and learn about these options is now, before you sign the dotted line. 


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5. Can you deliver? Of course your resume glowed and you said all the right things in the interview. Now look yourself in the mirror and be completely honest with yourself. Does your skill set and experience match what the company needs? Can you be a problem solver in this situation? Are they expecting the impossible? It doesn’t help anyone to over promise what can realistically be achieved. Better to admit a poor match now, than have to deal with a poor performance review later.


Hopefully after asking yourself these questions you can accept that offer with the full confidence of a decision well made.

  Steve P Brady

Author bio: Steve P Brady is an executive resume writer, teacher and blogger. Follow along at www.stevepbrady.me


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