Robots Recruited for Low Skilled Jobs

Robots Recruited for Low Skilled Jobs


Imagine a future where technology is so advanced that robotics has taken over low skilled jobs

Imagine a future where we no longer have a delivery postal person mailing letters through our doors, instead drones will fly from the warehouse, warehouses, where robotic warehouse staff  unload vans, pick and pack goods, before loading drones that will fly to our houses dropping parcels into our hands

Imagine a future where robots stack shelves in supermarkets, where robots clean hospital wards and where robots engineer driverless cars, space stations and computer programmed glasses

Imagine a future where we work in space, exploring new planets, mining minerals from asteroids that are shooting across the galaxy, a future where we even holiday next to the stars



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Imagine a future where science is so advanced that we can use the natural energy from the sun to power our computers, kitchen appliances and machines. A future where we collect free electricity from the power of waves and a future where cars run off natural gases

Imagine a future where we live to an average age of 110, a future where medical science has cured diabetes, cancer and even the common cold. A future where organs for transplants are grown in labs, where parents can choose the eye colour and skin tone of their unborn baby, a future where scientist grow strawberries in labs to the size my head, steaks as big as cars and carrots as long as my arm

Imagine this, no more starvation, a real reduction in illness, robots and robotics working in every industry, in every town and even in every home.




To some this sounds like something from a weird science fiction film but in actual fact most of what I have quoted is happening right now.

Amazon has just been given permission by the UK government to test delivery drones, a hospital in Scotland employees robotic cleaners, the care industry is predicting a 10% rise in jobs due to the aging population and the UK government has predicted 100,000 space jobs over the next 10 years.

Virgin galactic is a plane that flys people into outer space , there are plans to put a human settlement on Mars, a bus in London is powered by human excrement and the oldest women who dies a couple of months ago lived to the age of 116

With technology changing rapidly,we don’t know exactly what will happen in terms of the labour market but one thing is clear low skilled jobs are on the decrease and high skilled jobs – science, technology, engineering and maths are set to rise.



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