Should I Retrain in ITC?

Should I Retrain in ITC? 

When looking to re-train into the IT sector you need to be full aware of the growth of this sector, because so many career professional retrain only to find that during their education the sector has moved on and their desired career is no longer available.

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The computer sector is growing, rapidly. New and upcoming computer jobs include;

Mobile App Developer – this is a key sector, only recently a teenager in his last year at school sold a mobile app to Yahoo worth millions.

Software Engineers. The increase in online technology has boosted this job sector with inventions such as the cloud. If your creative and logical this sector will suit you.

Game Designer jobs are predicted to grow by 5% over the next 4 years. Graphics’ and online gaming has made this sector more profitable then films. The success for gaming has been so high that companies use film like adverts to increase sales.
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