Something Crazy Is Happening

Something Crazy Is Happening


Remember the good old days when you had a job for life?

Did you know that the career professional will have on average, three careers in their life time? The days of a job for life are gone. This isn’t due to the employee’s work ethic or attitude, it is due more too technological advances.

The career professional will move with these new advances and as new technology changes our life styles, it also changes the job market. The financial sector is currently the growth job sector worldwide, but which sectors will be recruiting in 20 or 30 years?

New and Exciting Job Sectors

Growth job areas can be predicted which means the new wave of career professionals can gain the qualifications and experience that will be needed in the future.

A recent example of this is the social media sector. For many social media is just another way to communicate with friends. For many businesses and entrepreneurs social media is a highly profitable business. New careers that sprang from the popularity of social media include; online image advisors, social media marketers, and social media consultants.

For our graduates, the question is what new careers will be created from forthcoming technological advancements?


Some Truly Unbelievable Future Jobs



Prison Warden for the Elderly


elderly prison warden

Due to great advancements in medicine and science we have an ageing population. We can predict that a future growth area will be in the care industry providing personal care for the elderly. Psychologist may also see a growth in this area as they study how memory functions work. The sports sector is also seeing a rise in pensioners booking fitness and health coaches and a rise in pensioners joining the gym, as knee replacements and medicines keep people healthier for longer. Surprisingly though the aging population has had a negative effect. A recent survey confirmed that more pensioners are being arrested and imprisoned then ever before. As elderly crime rates increase we could see a need for a specialist pensioner prison services?


Space Farmer


Space Farmer

As the population grows, a new pressure will be put on the farming sectors. This sector grows on supply and demand, and these days’ people want things and they want them now! We no longer care for seasonal foods, if we want a strawberry in winter then farmers have to find away to produce and ship them to us. Vertical farms (farms in tower block type buildings) are becoming evermore likely, and a growth in genetic modified crops is becoming common place. As we enter the new space age, we may even find planets filled with mineral soils that are suited to growing crops all year round. Space farming could be the sector that meets our demands and even ends world famine.


Organ Photocopier


organ photocopier

Recently we have seen the invention of a 3D photocopier, which recreates a like for like replica of anything it copies. As an example if you copy a gun, the replica will reproduce all the inside parts of the gun, allowing the copied gun to be fired. Scientist are now looking at how we can use this technology to copy organs, recreating them using live cells. This idea could replace the organ donor list saving thousands of lives. We are closer to this goal then you make think!!


Environmental Innovators


environmental innovators

Governments from all over the world are looking at how we can cut carbon emissions to create a greener planet while enjoying the advancements we have created. Innovators are current working on Wave Powered Electricity – creating energy from under the sea, Electric Powered Cars that can travel as fast as formula one vehicles and Planes Powered by the Sun. Scientist from different expert fields are coming together to collaborate, creating new ideas for old problems. This scientific collaboration is proving to be highly successful. There is a massive need for innovative scientist and this sector is due to rapidly expand.


Entertainers Earn More Than Doctors



Research in Robotics is increasing, and a prediction is that many low skilled jobs such as cleaning will be completed in the future by robots and robotic machines.  Technology improves all the time and as technology replaces jobs, people will need to retrain. As an example look back 50 years at the car industry – How many people did it take to build a car 50 years ago? These days over 50% of these jobs are carried out by intelligent machines. As manual jobs decline, people jobs will increase. These jobs will include mentors, coaches, advisors, motivators and leadership advisors.  Sports jobs and entertainers will also see an increase in jobs in their sectors. If you have a skill of working with, advising, motivating or even entertaining people then the peoples sector is for you. Financially this sector is offering higher salaries you only need to look at actors and sports stars, some of these professionals are earning more than doctors and scientist.


Space Jobs


space jobs

STEM jobs (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) is predicted to be the growth industry of the future. Advancements in technology, computer science, health, psychology and nanoscience will increase jobs in this sector. Predicted growth in the space industry is massive, with scientist looking at energy sources from different planets, space watchers ready to predict asteroids hitting the planet and even space holidays are not to far away.
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