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Space – the new JOB frontier

The government have planned to expand Britain’s space industry, creating a £40 billion business. This will have a positive in pact on Space Industry jobs, creating a predicted 100,000 jobs over the next 20 years.

Need careers advice? The space sector is set to grow over the next 20 years; the future of the space industry is unpredictable as the fast pace of new technology can change the direction of this sector.

Space will be the earth’s eyes and ears with satellite observation and telecommunications.

Under UK plans, space-based observations will be used to monitor activity in war zones, deforestation, policing greenhouse gases. Employers will be able to monitor projects such as construction without having to leave their office.

With a high demand for high-definition and 3D television via space as broadcasting via satellites reduces our carbon emissions and is more cost effective, shows the increasing need for space communication.

The UK launch industry is set to rocket, as this will be one of the first space industries to see an increase in job demands.

 Manufacturing industry also benefit form the space industry, as we create and test goods and tools to be used in space. Manufacturing job roles will be highly skilled jobs.

The private sector is already a success story for British Industry, growing at a steady rate of 9% since 1999.

It has been forecast that Britain could take 10% of the global market, which could be worth £400 billion by 2030. First the government needs to invest in this industry to ensure we are not left behind by other world leaders.

Who knows, in the near future our tourism sector may also change in direction with space holidays and space airports.

The jobs of the future are changing Learn how to gain employment – quickly What we know is that the Space Industry will be creating new jobs and new careers, these will, in the main be skilled roles:

Space Science                                                                                                         

Sat Comms                                                                                                                

Manufacture Industry                                                                                      

Space Observers                                                                                                   

Satellite Broadcasting                                                                                          


Earth Resources                                                                                                       


Launch Industry                                                                                                    


Planetary Science                                                                                                       

Space Engineers                                                                                                        

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