The Top 5 Highest Paying Jobs in the UK in 2010

The Top 5 Highest Paying in the UK in 2010

Many of us are motivated by money and the life style our salary brings, to gain one of the UK’s highest paying jobs you need to set your job goal high and work out how you can gain the skills, qualifications and experience needed for this position. For some this goal maybe a long way off, while others this job is just around the corner.

People in high paying jobs will agree, they are motivated and know how to sell themselves and can answer tricky interview questions. What can you do to keep your motivation burning? How will you know how to pass the all important interview?

  • In at number one, being a successful Chief executive, Company Director or Managing Director (of major organisations) can earn you over £110,000 – £120,000

  • At number two, the health sector is a vital industry in the UK and being a Anaesthetist, Doctor, Hospital Consultant, GP, Physician, Psychiatrist, Psycho-analyst, or Surgeon, earns you around £76,000 – £78,000


  • The third highest paid UK jobs, earning around £55,000 -£70,000 are Government Officials; Assistant Secretary, Diplomats, MEP, MP, Permanent Secretary and Local Government Chief Executive.


  • The financial industry has been up and down over the last 12 months, in forth place; as a Commodity Trader, Financial Broker, Foreign Exchange Dealer, Insurance Broker, Financial Managers, Merchant Bankers or Stockbroker, you can earn between £60,000 – £65,000 this can often go increase with large additional bonuses


  • And finally at 5, Air Traffic Controllers, Flight Planners and Movement Controllers have a stressful and responsible job earning them around £60,000

To rise to the top of your career and gain all the financial benefits that come with any promotion, you need to be passionate about your job. A Careers Advisor can help you match a career to your personality type, values and beliefs – this will help you find a career you will truly be passionate about.

Other well paying careers include high ranking Police and Fire Officers, ITC and Game Sector, Innovators, Solicitors and Lawyers, earning an average of around £50,000

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  1. A surgeon earns around £30,000 – £45,000 basic. and up to £160,000 as a specialist senior consultant. remember though for job satisfaction choose a job that you will love. these days you can become an expert in any industry and as an expert you will make money. some experts have websites, books and TV shows.

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