What’s happening to all the jobs?

What’s happening to all the jobs?

With the recent cuts to public sector jobs, people are wondering what is happening to all the jobs?

Public sector jobs are current down due to large cuts in public spending by the new government, but around 73% of UK employers describe their organisations financial performance as ‘steady’ or ‘growing’ with around 28% of UK employers report a decline or job uncertainty

Around 39% of UK employers plan to add new employees in 2011, with a mix of full-time, part-time positions

Employers are looking for more skilled employees, with many employers looking to take on graduates.

Where are the jobs?

  • Technology, at 20%,
  • Sales – 18%
  • Engineering – 14%
  • Creative/design – 12%
  • Customer service – 10%
  • Marketing – 8%

For more detailed information on new and upcoming jobs: UK-LMI          

Emerging opportunities

The ‘plant’ industry (part of the construction sector – hiring, operating and maintaining plant machinery) currently have an ageing workforce. There is a current need to get skilled apprenticeships into this industry, presently many apprentices looking for construction jobs look at the traditional bricklayer, scaffolding and plumbing jobs which are in decline, the same skills are needed in the plant sector where their are an abundance of jobs.   For more information on all construction jobs and apprenticeships visit http://www.bconstructive.co.uk/index.aspx

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