3 Mind Hacks That Will Make You Excel In Your Next Job Interview

3 Mind Hacks That Will Make You Excel In Your Next Job Interview 



How to beat a job interview? Use these 3 psychological mind hacks that will make you excel in your next job interview.


The interview environment creates natural fear in us all, these interview hacks will give you the power back, helping you to win more job offers and to increase your salary.



Below you can also access 101 Interview Questions and techniques to Influence the Job Interview. Good luck with your next job interview.

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Job Interview Mind Hack 1


It has been proven time and time again by a number of psychologist that interviewers respond better to people that they believe are like them


Because we like people that are like us, you can use this to influence the job interview. Rapport is built quickly if you have the same interest as the job interviewer (check the interviewers online profile and search their interest) if you are sinc (copy body language, gestures and use a similar language) or if you share common ground (similar sounding name, live in the same location ro wen to the same university)


Find something that will help the interviewer to naturally relate to you and the interviewer will find themselves naturally liking you, without knowing why.



Job Interview Mind Hack 2


Your body can influence your state


The job is, for most, a horrid place to be. It creates the feeling of fear, despair and  increase anxiety


By changing your stance you change your emotions. Trust me this works!


First move around, jump, dance and stretch. This creates energy. Next strike a confidence pose; think of a famous person who you know is confident. Imagine that you are this confident person and stand as they do. Take on their postures, gestures and stance. The way you stand creates different emotions. If you stand with confidence you will feel more confident



Interview questions and answers

Job Interview Mind Hack 3


This is an easy but underused one.


It is so common, due to terrible nervous feeling in your belly, not to eat or drink. The problem here is that when you get to the interview, your mind iss focusing on “dinner time” not the interviewer.


Feed your body, feed your mind. You must eat, but just as important, you need to drink lots of water. Hydrate yourself and you will feel refreshed.


These 3 mind hacks are designed to get you into your best state to help you influence the job interview.



Good luck

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