Can Psychology Techniques Improve Your Interview?

Can Psychology Techniques Improve Your Interview?



Interviews are a competitive marketplace with all applicants trying to outdo each other, so they , not you, are offered the position. Psychology in the study of the mind and behaviour, so it stands to reason that you can use interview psychology to influence your job interview.



Below you can also access 101 Interview Questions and techniques to Influence the Job Interview. Good luck with your next job interview.


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The Opening Shake


At the interview start you will be introduced with a warm greeting and a welcoming handshake.


Make sure that your hands inspire confidence, as a cold damp handshake speaks volumes to the interviewers subconscious.


Always carry a piece of kitchen towel in your pocket. As your interview slot nears, sneakily dry your hands using the kitchen towel and rub them together (the friction will warm up your hands) as a warm, dry and strong handshake creates the impression of confidence


Copy Cat


People like people who are like themselves – this is often unconscious. To increase rapport subtly mirror the interviewers gestures, posture and hand movements and copy the language they use when expressing themselves.
By coming across similar to the interviewer, the interviewer will naturally be drawn to you and will have an unconscious liking towards you.


Don’t overdo this technique or the interviewer will think you are a bit strange.




Show Confidence With Time


The pace people communicate at speaks volumes. People who rush words are seen as nervous interviewees, while slow talkers come across confident. Use the 3 second gap rule – when asked a question or between key points, count to 3 in your head before speaking.


Question the Interviewer


The interview isn’t a question and answer session, the interviewer should be a detailed conversation. Ask the interviewer questions throughout the interview. People loved being listened too, when you ask a question wait without interrupting and encourage the interviewer to continue with encouraging nods of the head.


Build on this by asking questions about their last point/answer showing interest – this works especially well when an interviewer is talking about a key success that they were involved in.

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Cold Reading


Read the interviewers facial expressions, gestures, body language and tonality. When watching the interviewer trust your instinct. If the interviewer seems enthusiastic because they are leaning forward and nodding continue with your answer.


If your instincts kick in and you feel the interviewer is becoming disinterested change the frame of your interview answer. If the interviewer, after a day of interviewing is seeming tiered, speak louder or change your tonality



Smiley Happy People



When we see someone smiling, we feel their positive emotion through mirror neurons. If an interviewer feelings emotional warm during the interview they will associate this positive feeling to you. The more the interviewer likes you, the more likely you are to be offered the position.


Smile throughout the interview, talk in a warm tone and answer questions using positive emotional embedded words


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