Mind Hacks Book by Tom Stafford & Matt Webb

Mind Hacks – Tips & Tools for Using Your Brain

The brain is an amazing tool taking in thousands of pieces of information through our senses (sight, touch, auditory, taste and smell) each second, but who does our mind process this information? Is your mind  like a computer or more like an ecosystem?

This book will teach you the moment by moment workings of the brain, breaking down the process the mind uses to learn, how we read faces and emotions and how we filter information. With over 100 Mind Hacks for you to learn, the authors use images, exercises and offers links to online website activities for you to use.

For me this is one of the most exciting books to come out in years, this book is for any one with an interest in the working of the mind.

Buy MIND HACKS NOW and start understanding how we Remember, Understand Other People, Understand Attention and The Working of the Mind. Employment King has rated this book a 9/10 – Click the image below for a big discount




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